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Vivos Oral Appliance

In Colorado Springs, CO

vivosapplianceTodd Rogers Dental is proud to proclaim its involvement in a global network of healthcare providers dedicated to providing treatments to patients suffering from obstructed breathing and sleep apnea. We’re dedicated to developing tools and procedures that turn the latest discoveries in oral research into practical solutions. Todd Rogers Dental is the first to offer this new technology in Colorado.

A Cut Apart

The professional healthcare providers we work with create and deliver an incredible experience for patients that will help them throughout their lives. Thanks to our unique perspective, we’re able to map out the challenges and opportunities that healthcare providers may experience as they treat sleep and breathing complications.

Vivos oral appliances are some of the newest appliances available. We collaborate closely with provider Vivos in improving sleep, upper airway, and breathing wellness through comprehensive clinical programs and a proprietary multidisciplinary approach.

Our Multidisciplinary Network

There is a wide array of sleep disorders and each has its own set of symptoms. We must also consider the uniqueness of each patient, their medical history, and clinical profile when doing diagnoses and procedures. But we’re up to the challenge.

Our in-house team (and extended network) includes qualified general dentists, specialty dentists, oral myofunctional therapists, medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, holistic wellness clinicians, naturopaths, nutritionists, therapists, health and fitness trainers, athletic coaches and healthcare professionals.


Forward head posture is often a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in certain cases. Recent studies show that this may indicate that the neck vertebrae aren’t properly aligned, which has a negative impact on the upper airway. As a result, the patient will need intervention from a chiropractor, osteopath, or another physical therapist.

Medical Doctors

Patients with sleep apnea or other sleep or breathing disorders will likely also suffer other health issues. For that reason, we are connected with medical doctors who educate about the health risks that typically accompany obstructed breathing and other airway deficiencies. Those are just a few of the reasons why we must work together with specialists from other fields.

Better Results For Doctors And Patients

Medical doctors are working together with dentists and oral and maxillofacial specialists worldwide to examine and raise awareness of the importance of sleep, airway, and breathing health. The programs we invest in build bridges between doctors and healthcare experts, sparking meaningful and fruitful conversations and relationships throughout all areas of the healthcare spectrum.

Our network of health care experts is taking a whole-body approach to breathing and airway health, collaborating with medical and dental experts to provide care for the millions of patients who suffer from conditions like sleep apnea and obstructed breathing.

Each patient is unique, as are their treatment outcomes. Through our network of specialists, Todd Rogers Dental and Vivos seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for both doctors and their patients. Teamwork is the name of the game in breathing wellness healthcare.

Working together is necessary to bring about the best medical solutions. One doctor or field of medicine might not have all the answers, but if the different specialties work together, they have a much greater bandwidth of expertise in treating obstructive breathing, sleep apnea, and related problems.

For more information, please contact our office at (719) 357-4425.